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Prakashnee (awakening Angels) was born into this world only weighing 500 gram and a small baby with a great will to survive. Prakashnee was always feeling different to others around her. She started seeing and knowing from around the age of 7. As she grew her senses she became strange. Family and Friends could not understand her difference.

In the Year 2000 Prakashnee had a near death experience with going into a white light, very pleased to exit the world but got disappointed then she got told during the experience that her purpose was not done yet and that she must go back to help and heal people.

Since that time she has helped hundreds of people and families. Prakashnee's goal is to help people to get a better life and help to understand the purpose of life.

Prakashnee is not using a specific religious believe. Then God and the Angels are omnipresent. Prakashnee is using different mediums of the energy healing modality. Awakening Angels is about healing through God's Angels and making connection with your personal Guides.

I am grateful to God and the Angels for using me as a medium.

Know there is no “normal” when it comes to spirituality religion or beliefs. Your beliefs are unique to you.

Be grateful for the differences that surround you. These differences allow you to mold your own journey into exactly what you want, rather than following the crowd.

Love your entire journey, not just the feel-good moments More times than not, it’s the painful events in our lives that help mold us into the beautiful spiritual beings we are.

It is time to find your spirituality
Having a spiritual dimension to our lives can make us happier. But can we discover spirituality or does it find us? Spiritual wisdom doesn't need to involve myth and mysticism; nor does it necessarily have to be linked to organised religion, although people with strong religious faith often experience high levels of well-being.

Esoteric Healing
The energy field surrounds and permeates all living beings. It is the scaffolding for our physical body. Within the energy field of each person are seven major centers. Each of these centers energizes or vitalizes its related nerve center, endocrine gland, internal organ system and the circulatory system. It is within this energy field that the cause of disease appears to be located. Through training, a healing facilitator can learn to work with areas that are weak or congested within the energy field, and by use of various balancing techniques, can bring the individual's energy field to a more flowing, healthy, harmonious state.
This type of healing work is called Energy Healing. There is a subtle aspect that is not obvious until you study it in greater depth. The existence of the energy field and its use in healing has been known for thousands of years, especially in Egypt, India, and China. It is only recently, however, that modern western science has realized its significance. It has been called by various names: Vital body, bioenergy field, "L" (life) field and etheric body.

A picture is worth a thousand words. An interface is worth a thousand pictures. Never stand still. If you stand still, you get lost, because someone else is always moving.

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