Customer Testimonials about Prakashnee

Shivaani on 25 January 2016:
I guess I will start by saying thank you for everything you are doing and have done. I personally experienced your ability in assisting me to heal and get through one of the most traumatic events of my life ever. There were days I would just want to give up and end it all, but your faith, guidance and persistence showed me that I needed to be patient and that there is something greater planned for me. This experience has been life changing for me. I asked for inner healing and I was guided to that, I asked for physical healing and I was guided to that and I asked for spiritual healing and I was guided through that. I would not have gotten through all of this if it was not for your guidance, prayers and dedication to my healing. You have always been there for me no matter the time or day. Prakashnee, you are a one of the kind, a Guardian Angel sent to us all. Today I am stronger than I ever will be and nothing can ever come in my way that I will not be able to defeat.

Mohamed on 14 February 2016:
Hi my name is Irshaad i would like to share my experience with you'll. I had opend a buisness and it was not going well i was about to close my shop doors. I could not manage to make payment and was always stressed. Then we were introduced to Prakashnee who is helping me and i am able to meet payments and my buisness is growing. I have done cars for rugby players soccer player who are famous. I am still under the wing off Prakashnee and will advise any one to listen and do what is asked of you and you will reap the benefits.

Unknown on 03 January 2016:
I have known Prakashnee for about 14 years. I have learnt from her about her life after death experience, and her return to life to pursue her true purpose: to connect with the Angels and to heal and advice people using their medium. My whole family and some friends have spoken to Prakashnee and have asked for the Angels assistance. We have all benefited from Prakashnee's psychic readings and the advice given. I believe that Prakashnee is truly blessed and very sincere about healing and helping humanity. She is a divine child of God who has a very special gift that she is sharing with others. After spending so much of time with her, I believe that Angels really exist and do play an important role in our lives to support, help and heal us.

Yuvin on 27 December 2015:
Prakashnee's readings have always been very accurate. Her guidance and assistance during our difficult times has been also very beneficial and she would see us through the entire difficult situation and not give up. Not only are her readings accurate, but she's always willing to help no matter what time of day it is, or how busy she might be. Her passion for her gift is commendable, as she does not view her work of the Angels as a job with monetary value, but rather her practicing what she loves and helping people to the best of her ability! Kind Regards Vino

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