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Spiritual coaching -through the guidance of my spiritual gifts awareness , esoteric and metaphysical skills.I help you to optimize your life and get into your flow for your highest good.

I help you tap into your life purpose

You have my absolute support in times when you feel challenged by life’s roller coaster.I do know I will definitely challenge your beliefs about who you are or who you thought you were.The one thing is for certain after engaging me as your spiritual coach you will be able to whither the strongest storms and come out unscathed

I look forward to being of service to you.


Aura cleansing :That is remove negative imprints from your vibrational field and foreign attachments allowing you to become energetically free.

Chakra alignment and Balancing-Chakras are your energy centre it is like the engine if the there is a block you develop problems In your life causing stagnation and procrastination etc.

It is important to have them balanced.If they overactive they are equally harmful.

Past life healing- due to reincarnation we sometimes come into this life carrying issues of the past unfinished contracts and many time we have a sabotage program playing we see a pattern but never relay understand why.

Come on let’s find out how I can help you get past the program re- run Yes you are reading correct

I am sure you find your self scratching your head thinking what is going on why is it that the same thing happens time and time over

9 out of 10 times this is a memory which needs to be released and corrected.

Inner child trauma healing-Let me guide you into healing from the  preconception into childhood and adulthood. Using my skills to assist you harness your hidden talents and empower you.

Cord cutting- These are cords that get created through emotions, physical interactions, sexual relationships  etc. You do get positive and negative cord these cords are energy thread that keep us tied to and event or person dependent on the emotions and trauma.

What I do is release you of the negative cords that no longer serve you giving  the freedom of the relationship or situation bringing healing that is necessary to move  forward.

I do offer other services in the healing section  depends on the client and circumstances.


I offer business  packages that is tailored according to needs and requirements

BUSINESS CLEANINGS-when your business has no flow and things are stagnant

I will come in and cleansing bringing back flow and harmony.


Psychic readings I offer 20 minutes and 30 minutes

60 minutes and 90 minutes session are dependent on client and there need

Card readings

Crossing overs

Palm reading, numerology, birth chart analysis and life mapping.


These courses are channeled to my students by spirit

The courses are unique to each student tailored to fit in with there gifts and purpose.

No course it taught out of a module but channeled directly during the lesson from spirit to student.

If you are ready for a new adventure contact me

Taking you to  new spiritual heights

Are you tired of being boxed into through normal spiritual teaching

Come and set your soul free

By daring to be different with one of my channeled courses

Especially for you and your highest good


Talk to me. for the seriouse business person

Proven results


It is a holistic alternative therapy to help align the spine through gentle movement. A treatment of the Breuss massage is conducted after the alignment allowing the spine to be lubricated with special herbal oil application.Giving the patient immediate relief from pain and stiffness. The Dorn method is a alternate therapy which originated in  Germany for the people.

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